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New Iveco Vans

IVECO is an acronym for Industrial VEhicle Corporation, originally an alliance between FIAT, OM, LANCIA VEICOLI SPECIALI, UNIC & MAGIRUS. They produce around 200,000 Commercial Vehicles & 460,000 Diesel engines annually.
Todays Daily can carry up to 4.3 tonnes & load volumes from 7 to 17 cubic metres.

Interesting Fact:
The first Iveco Daily was launched in 1978 followed by the Turbo in 1981 & the Turbostar in 1984.

Our Opinion
Iveco range is ideal for the heavy user being durable and have a range of truck like options.The new Daily has the stylish dash designed by famous Italian designer Giorgetto Guigiaro. It’s functional and hard-wearing while retaining its stylish appearance.